What has been the most important achievement of

the company in these 10 years?

I feel so proud of 3 special achievements: the first one is the prestige of the company’s name. Second our sales, because it has grown every year and when I see the numbers of the first year I feel really good because I can confirm that we are doing well. The last one is my team work, because I’ve built an amazing group formed by loyal and honest people who always look out for the company’s welfare.


After 10 years working as wholesaler, what’s next

for Virtual Zone? What are your future projects?

Our best bet is our innovation and firm stance, where our competitors lack. We want to be different, where we provide new products to our clients and always maintain the best customer service for them.


Who is Maria Lara?

Maria Lara is a joyful person with an adventurous spirit interested in traveling and knowing cultures around the world. I am a young entrepreneur who likes to try new food, dance and meet interesting people from different countries. I want to be inspired as well as aim to inspire with my actions and stories.


What is your educational background?

After finishing my high school in Medellin – Colombia, I moved to United States to study English in Miami Dade College. Later I began to study two careers simultaneously in FIU: Business Management and International Business. It was a challenge I was happy to accept. I also have an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Nova University and many other courses in different universities around the world of innovation, leadership, and strategy. Some of those certifications are from prestigious universities such as Harvard University. I am currently completing a long certification in Harvard called Owner President Management with a graduation in 3 years, which will be in March 2020. It was and is a long journey, one I am proud of and will succeed in. This goes to show you my spirit and hard work that I wish to transpire to those around me personally and in business and to show that no matter what anything can be done, and that is what Virtual Zone is all about!