How did you get started in the electronics industry?

Like some of the most successful and known companies in the world, it all started in a garage! In the first years it was a humble electronics and mobile phones repair workshop but with advance technology innovations. In due time we realised the potential and the deficiencies in the market, so it grew into the multi enterprise private company as we know it today.


You are based in Cyprus. Is your main focus only the local market?

Yes, we are based in Cyprus. We actively support the local market in absolute manner, from SME’s to the big retail companies and operators. At the sametime, we are dealing with partners in Europe, UAE and Asia. We have grown quite a bit from that garage! We have a wide range of partners and we have expanded beyond the local borders. We always support our partners and at the same time we are exploring new opportunities.


Do you have any plans on expanding of furthering collaborations to an international audience? If yes, how do you plan on doing that?

The company is already working semi internationally as I have mentioned. Expanding the company is our vision for the future. We do believe in values and in Quality, not in quantity, that’s why we are filtering customers as well as suppliers. We are looking for long term partnerships so we can grow steadily together into the future. We always support out partners and they tend to support us back, that’s what it’s all about.


As a strong distributor in Cyprus, what is the most sought after product and which one is beginning to grow in popularity?

We still believe the most sought-after product at the moment are smartphones and smart devices. Taking into account the extremely high rate

technology is advancing into, smartphone is a device you cannot live without. It is however evolving rapidly into something much more powerful than a

smartphone. It is a multi-device which technology continuously adds and updates new roles to it. It is now a device to interact seamlessly with other smart devices in your

house, office, car,sports, health, …involved in everyaspect of your Life!. Both Smartphones and smart devices (IOT)will keep growing in popularity and many new roles will be continuously discovered and added, making them the core of the new technology revolution that we will witness in the next five years. As the technology is changing from product-oriented to serviceoriented, It will be an omission not to mention some other new technologies like AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics which will also structure the new technological era. MegaTeL plans to be a part of this new technological revolution.


Which brand/s do you see dominating the market in the near future?

A safe bet for the future would be Samsung and Apple, provided they will keep feeling the market pulse through its changes. We must never forget that to dominate in a technological market field, it is not entirely based on one’s brands proposals and actions but also to the other brands proposals and actions as well. There are some newer companies with a different vision, different approach and expansion rate. I believe Xiaomi will be one of the new technological unicorns, as they have a different mentality and they are not just a mobile phone company. Xiaomi already offers a wide range of smartphones and is one of the biggest and rabidly advanced names for house ecosystems and smart devices. With their current plans for western market expansion, Xiaomi is a company that is here to stay


You recently attended PIE2019, hosted by Zempire. How did you find it benefiting you? How would you say it performed as a networking event in the electronics business?

PIE2019 is one of a kind, it is not just an event but much more. We had the chance to see old friends and partners, but we have also had the opportunity to launch new business relations. In addition, we have discovered new opportunities which we are currently exploring. The elite companies of the industry were there and the most important the correct decision-makers. Zempire team has passion and innovative ideas and I believe are a game-changer for the industry.


What are the key values that you believe make a business run efficiently and make it great ?

I strongly believe a company is first and foremost as good as the people that a part of it. The company values are been transmitted to their partners and clients through them. We believe in our team, it is a team effort! It is my belief that a great company’s core values should be the clear and honest way it conducts business with its partners, the company’s integrity, and its deliverance on what is promised. We are a firm believer of long-term relationships, trust in our partners and we are always true to our word, even if it means to take a hit sometimes. We are looking to invest in quality partners. This way we have been supported by many of our partners throughout the years. Of course, the motivation and passion alongside with the fast adoption of the new

technology changes and innovations are extremely important to the new business environment and they are key competitive advantages.