Innovation and disruption are embedded in Z-Empire DNA. In a constant search for new and unique ways to do business, Z-Empire keeps bringing to life new networking concepts never seen before in the industry. This brings us the latest creation of Z-Empire, called: Z-Walk.

During the upcoming event by Z-Empire on 30th June 2019 at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens, the Z-Walk session will see its first edition taking place. The concept is simple as unique. By the pool area, a real fashion show will be held with models who will be wearing and showing off the latest collection of a luxury brand.

Right after that, the same models will be promoting each one of the sponsors of the event and will be accompanying a representative from the higher management of each company. The participant will have then 12 seconds to talk about himself and his company. At the same time, the networking assistant assigned to the company will be handing the business cards to the audience.

The participants have one goal to reach. Wearing their best outfit and Showing to everyone how elegant they are in doing business.

There is only one rule: Be elegant!