Tell us briefly about your career path before opening your own business.

There really wasn’t anything before Parktel. I was always trading with electronic goods, from siemens, Alcatel, and other brands to  Apple and Samsung in the end. I was always interested in trading, I understood very fast that with my temperament I couldn’t work for anybody and I needed to follow my own path. I needed to continue growing in what I know best and was already doing and knew I had to create something of my own. Still I am gaining an understanding in business and each and every day I am learning something new.

You upgraded your sponsorship package prior to the Partners In Excellence 2019, what motivated this decision?

I understood that it was something that we needed and saw what we got out of it, so for us it was something worth doing. Z-Empire’sprofessional team not only shows it cares itis also very serious and dedicated to its work and clients. At the end of the day, we will get more benefits than we paid. That I am sure about and already see. What is the percentage of your business in the local vs international market? We do 80% of business out of Poland and20% inside our country, however, we consider Europe to be part of the local market.

Tell us a few words about you being elected as the winner of: International expansion award.

Well I am very happy that our partners appreciated our work. We are working very hard to expand in the global market but still there are a lot of things to do. The award means we are headed in the right direction but only motivates us to work harder and go further.

Are you planning to win this award next year as well?

It’s hard to say. I can already see the competition is tight and each company is doing anything and everything to get ahead. All I can say is for sure we will do our best to continue in the same way, aiming to bring this prize home again.

What is the region where you are most active?This question I prefer to skip, it’s not good business to reveal all our secrets:p

How do you deal with pressure in general?

I used to feel the pressure, but now that is in the past. I don’t feel pressure anymore. When I was younger, I was killing myself to do more and more in a short amount of time and this was damaging myself from the inside. Now I  understand that some things you can’t do any faster than you already are. I learned how to be patient in this business, when you are patient you don’t have pressure with you.

‘’Z-Empire is giving back to its sponsors more than what they invested.” Do you agree with that statement?

Of course, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here. There are many events which we skip. But PIE as I said before is more professional than I was expecting in the beginning, an event that provides networking and sessions unlike any other, always a step ahead, which is, of course, great for us.

How can you summarize in one word Partners InExcellence 2019 event?


What was your favorite session from Partners In Excellence 2019 and why?

90 seconds to impress. I like to look at people who are introducing themselves and their companies. I like to see their emotions, I like to see their commitment. And I think this is a very nice way to introduce the business way of the company even though some of our friends don’t understand what 90 seconds means 😉 It’s a great way to either get to know about a company you have not heard of or did not really know their business or to find out more about a company you have already heard of on the market but understand more about their business model and how they deal.