What is the key to your success as a businessman?

I think the most important aspect of being a successful businessman in our time is to find the thin line between conservative values like reliability, long-term relationships, safety and stability on one hand and flexibility, innovation, and the courage to take risks on the other hand. The key to success is to find this thin line, and it is a continuous challenge to decide whether to cross it to the one or the other side.

Time is money, do you have any specific method to make your time more profitable?

Time management is indeed very important. I’ve always found it helpful to have clear priorities considering the most important matters in terms of reliability and upholding the quality standards of the company. If one thinks in long periods of time, it turns out to be the most profitable way of investing one’s time. And, of course, it is of eminent importance to have a reliable and efficient team of employees and colleagues who are able to help you with various time-intensive tasks.

Tell us a bit more about what differentiates theGerman market from the rest.

I don’t see a huge difference between the German market and the markets of other countries of the EU. However, for us as a company based in Germany, the most important aspect of operating in the German market is legal security for example regarding the financial obligations, which, of course, is helpful in cases of legal disputes. Germany has a very sophisticated legal system that provides a clear legal framework for international trade and has some additional implications when dealing with german companies.

What is the best activity to do for relaxing in such stressful environments?

What helps me most to fight stress is physical activity. My employees and I sometimes enjoy a match of table tennis in our office with colleagues. It helps clear your mind when facing difficult problems and tough decisions. We also like to participate in some other sports after work or during the weekend.

You signed up as a Platinum sponsor right before the Partners In Excellence 2019, what is your impression on the value you got during the event after such a short period of notice?

We have already had some positive impressions from our previous participation and we were glad to take the opportunity of being Platinum sponsor of this year’s event. My impression is overall positive, I was glad to meet old friends and to win some new ones. The idea of continuous and fruitful collaborations allowed us to easily take this decision to join Z Empire.

What is your best take from Partners In Excellence2019?

Besides the things mentioned above Partners in excellence 2019provides an excellent platform to introduce and to present my company to a demanding audience of professionals and, of course, to find new potential partners.The positive feedback I received so far is the best take, I believe.

Marketing = Sales is a motto here at Z-Empire, do you confirm it from your own experience? And what is the motto you live by?

I do agree with this motto, although I think that there is more to being successful in sales than just marketing. Marketing is the key to finding new customers and furthering in business definitely, however it’s on you personally and your own company’s quality standards to keep them in a vital and growing market. At the end of the day, longstanding relationships are at least as valuable as the new ones. This is a good motto to live by as a businessman.

How can you summarize in one-word Partners In

Excellence 2019 event?


What was your favorite session of Partners In

Excellence 2019 and why?

It’ a difficult question, but my favorite was “Deal or No Deal”. As a real businessman, one always looks for a good opportunity to make a deal at an excellent price. The aspect of competition of this session was the most exciting for me and it is something I have never seen been done in such a direct way for