Khalid Lemmar is a commanding name now in the industry. What is the story behind the name and why did you choose it for your company?

Khalid is youngest son of his family and Lemar means SUN in Afghan local language, there is famous quote by Socrates that ‘In every person there is a sun . Just let them shine’ So Khalid Lemar is shining.


That is beautiful and very positive of a name for a company to hold.

Yes, we prefer the meaning behind itand are definitely proud of it.


What countries do you currentlyhave a presence in?

UAE, Afghanistan and Netherlands mainly.


You are one of the few people in the industry who launched their own smartphone brand. Can you tell us more about the origin of Prime phones and its goals?

PRIME is a Mobile Phone brand under Khalid Lemar Company.We launched in 2016 in UAE. We are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with 2 Regional Offices, 1 in Kabul city of Afghanistan and another 1 Amsterdam city of Netherlands. Our goals are quality and affordable products, aiming for everyone to be able to hold and use a Prime mobile knowing they are buying quality.


Are you planning to expand Prime brand to other categories of products?

Yes of course, mobility Is a major part of electronics but it doesn’t end there. We will launch Smart watches, accessories such as earphones, Airpods, cables, car chargers, head phones, power banks, speakers. Whatever there is we plan on taking advantage of and grow. We are pleased to say there are many new products that are coming soon.


How hard is it to manage different companies at once?

If you have professional people, it’s not that hard. It depends on who you have and how you work. It comes down to your team and their skills and professionalism and how much you can trust them.


Do you think the smartphones market reached its maturity phase or there is still some room for


It’s very much in the maturity phase but its technology and improvement will keep on coming, so I definitely see growth and improvement. It is yet to be stagnant as long as there are new ideas and competition for innovation.


Since you already have a top distribution and a brand, in your experience what is the newest successful

innovation in mobile phones?

Camera resolution, camera quality, battery, new features according to the requirements of the consumers.

’Z-Empire is giving back to its sponsors more than what they invested.” Do you agree with that statement?

Yes, that is why we are by their side as they are by ours, pushing for us and for our business.


How can you summarize in one word Partners In Excellence 2019 event?



What was your favorite session of Partners In Excellence 2019 and why?

The hotel and networking hall. It was pretty big and spectacular and very convenient to move around and meet people In order to promote business. It was a perfect location to host so many companies and manage to make relations.