FAQs & Terms

Safety Of Our Clients, Top Priority. Your Account Can Be Terminated If.

Membership Terms:


As a company, we prefer always to provide the best quality services, including safety for our clients. Additionally, we respect our clients’ trust in us; we follow some specific terms, which you can find below.


For b2bze.com members, we have a strict policy, and if the member does not follow the below terms, there is an immediate effect of cancellation to the b2bze.com membership.

1. If b2bze.com member purchases goods from another member from our platform and payment get delayed.

2. If the seller is our member, delays shipment of goods after receiving the payment and not following what was accepted between the two parties according to the Purchase Order and Proforma Invoice. ( Note: that it doesn’t apply in cases when there are courier delays)


3. If the Buyer cancels an order without any valid reason.

4. Supplier and buyer always have to follow the terms agreed before and during the confirmation of the deal.


Kindly note that there is no refund after engaging in our services.

What is B2Bze?

B2Bze is a trading website by Z-empire, aiming to connect and facilitate business operations of Z-empire’s partners. This is a business to business platform where you can upload your buy/sell offers in an easy and efficient way for the industry to see. Here you have the ability to also have direct contact with the prospective seller/ buyer making communication and business more reliable. We aim to make your experience easy & fast!

How Does it work?

It is fairly simple: As a buyer, you can browse the offers according to the categories and location of the desired product, click on the desired offer and get in contact with the seller. Otherwise, you can post your own request. As a seller, you can browse the requests according to the categories and location of the product to sell, click on the desired request and get in contact with the buyer. Otherwise, you can post your own offer.

How to upload an excel sheet with offers?

Navigate to the Account Dashboard page by clicking ‘Your account’ icon once logged in. In the left sidebar menu select “Import Offers”.

Download the Predefined Template and create the excel file with your offers. Then, upload the file via button “Upload File”. A preview of the file’s data will be displayed on the screen. Press the “Save Offers” button to save your offers. If all fields in the file are valid, then your offers will be uploaded in your account otherwise errors will be highlighted with red and you must edit your excel file to fix all invalid issues and then upload the file again.

Every line in the excel  file contains the information for a single offer and all mandatory fields must be filled out. The available fields that you may fill in are:

  1. Title* = Type a Title, mandatory
  2. Buy/Selling* = Select an option from the drop list, mandatory
  3. Price = Type a number
  4. Currency = Select a Currency from the drop list
  5. Is negotiable = Select a option from the drop list
  6. Quantity* = Type a number, mandatory
  7. Condition* = Select a Condition from the drop list, mandatory
  8. Category* = Select a Category from the drop list, mandatory
  9. Stock Authentication* = Select a Stock Authentication provider from the drop list, If you choose the custom option, you must type a new value for Stock Authentication provider.
  10. Specs = Type one or more of the following values, uses a comma to separate them: Africa, Arab, Asia, EU, Latin, US
  11. Sell to = Type one or more of the following values, uses a comma to separate them: ALL Regions, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America
  12. Exclude Countries = Type one or more Countries, uses a comma to separate them. See acceptable Countries names on sheet Data – column H.
  13. Country of origin = Select a Country from the drop list
  14. Brand = Type a Brand Name. eg. Apple
  15. Model = Type a Model Name. e.g. iPhone 8 plus
  16. Product Details = Type a Product Description
  17. Image Url = Insert a direct URL

How to post an offer from the website?

Click on the button Buy/Sell on the top right corner of the page to create a new offer and fill out the form. At the Product Info section all mandatory fields must be filled in: Title, Type Buy/Selling, Quantity, Condition, Category and Stock  Authentication. You may also add a description for your offer and on Advance Options you can upload your product photos and add more product details such as the Brand and Model name, Country of Origin and more.

Finally check the “I agree to the terms & conditions” option and press save to publish your offer.  Your offer is created and published for 60 days.  You can manage (edit or delete) your offers from the section “Your Offers” located on the left sidebar at your Account Dashboard.

How do I change my password?

If you would like to change your password, please navigate to the Account Dashboard page by clicking ‘Your account’ once logged in. In the top left hand corner click the small gear icon to enter your “Account Details” page. Finally fill out the fields in section Change Password in the top right hand corner.

How to reset the password?

If you have forgotten your password, please select ‘Forgotten Password’ from the Login screen. You will be required to enter your Email Address. Then check your email for further instructions.

How can I change my website account details?

Once logged in, navigate to the Account Dashboard page by clicking ‘Your account’ icon at the header of the page. In the top left hand corner click the gear icon to enter your “Account Details” page and edit any of the available fields.

How can I delete my account?

From your Account Dashboard you select the button Delete Account located at the bottom of the left sidebar and confirm your action.

How can I view my offer stats?

From your Account Dashboard you can view your offers’ visits by selecting an offer from the drop list at section Visits Chart.

For how long is the subscription valid?

When you are paying for subscription, it is valid for 1 year. When you are registering for PIE event for the upcoming year, your subscription is valid for 1 year.

What is PIE event?

Partners In Excellence is the networking convention in the electronics industry, organised by Z Empire Global Ltd. It invites only the key decision makers of major companies of the consumer electronics world in three fully productive days, which redefines the word ‘networking’. It is the event that aims to connect businesses and relations in the most efficient and successful way, providing the right environment, introduction, support and above all impression. Let’s start making deals!

How can PIE benefit me?

The “Partners in Excellence” convention is the electronics industry essential event, that will be key in any business wishing to grow and innovate.

Its whole structure and design, aims to enhance interactions, communications, relations and partnerships, while promoting each company through Networking, Custom Sessions, Scheduled Meetings and Entertainment; which is why PIE always takes place in a 5* luxury environment, where business can be carried out in comfort and style.
PIE only invites the key decision makers of this industry, such as CEOs and higher management, to ensure deals are executed much more effectively and on the spot.
Via innovative and interactive sessions, such as “Deal or No Deal”, “Business Speed Dating”, “90 Seconds to Impress” and many more, with the assistance of experienced Networking Assistants, networking has never been easier and more productive.
So how does PIE benefit you? It provides you with business and makes it straightforward, effective and enjoyable like never before.

We make business as “easy as PIE”!

How can I register for PIE?

Registrations are done online. Your references will be verified and when checked will be approved. The process will take up to 48 hours. Registrations must be sent to email: [email protected] and payments will be via bank transfers.

In case of PIE event cancellation, what process follows?

Refund is not available, as the package being purchased, is eligible for the entire year.

Annual package includes:

– B2B Platform Access

– Members of ZEmpire providing you with business contacts

– Exclusive VIP dinners worldwide (3-6 per year) (IFA, GITEX, MWC, etc.)

– Business Group chats

– Application Access

– PIE Convention

What information do I need to provide?

Contact details, company documents, at least 3 references and then our team will contact you.

How many offers can I upload?

As many as you like. We don’t want to stop you.

Is there a trial period?

There is no trial period. Due to Z-Empire’s respect to its partners and clients as well as their business security, no trial period is offered for PIE events non-attendees. It is a very straightforward B2B website that will facilitate your business in a very easy, simple and efficient way.

How can I contact the seller/buyer?

For contact, firstly you must register to our marketplace. If you don’t have an account Request for a Quote. To retrieve phone number of the seller go to their profile page, at ‘Companies’ section or any of their ads and you will find their contact details. If you wish to start a conversation with the seller navigate to any of their ads and you will notice a button for sending messages. A list of messages is available on your profile. There you have AJAX messaging system where you will be able to continue conversations.

Can I receive updates/newsletter?

Yes. By inputting your email address you will receive all updates and newsletters to keep you up to date with the website, its offers and any interesting news.

Can I Switch Between Different Ad Types

Marketplace/Website offers you 2 different types of ads which you can select from, during ad posting or reposting. It is not possible to switch between different ad types while they are live. Available types are:

  1. Sell (Offer)
  2. Buying (Request)

What offers can I post?

Anything related to an electronics product, as long as all the required areas to fill in are filled in for the client to see with full transparency.

What Are Favorite Ads?

If you have found some ads/offers which you wish to visit later or contact seller later, etc. you can mark it as Favorite and it will be saved to the list of your favorite ads, which you can access from your profile dashboard.

Can I repost an Offer/Ad?

The ad if not sold/bought will be active for 2months. In the event the offer is not sold within 2 months, you can renew the same Ad/Offer and repost it as soon as the 2 months are up.

Does ZEmpire benefit from the transactions through this website?

No.  Z-Empire has no benefits or interests whatsoever from the transactions going through this website. Z-Empire is not charging any fees, or takes part, or is responsible of any transaction. We are here to connect businesses.

Do payments for buying an offer go through the B2Bze website?

NO. Payments are ONLY for subscriptions to the website and PIE registrations.

How to report an Ad/Offer?

If you feel that the ad/offer is breaking some rules, you can report it directly from ad page by clicking on the Report button and writing detail reason. The Ad/Offer will remain active until administrator checks it out.

How Review System Works?

There are two types of reviews – the one for buyer and the one for seller. First step is to register in our marketplace. Next you need to send a message to a seller. Once the seller responds to your message you will be able to review the seller and in the same time the seller will be able to review you. When users visit your profile they will be able to see your overall review score, a complete list of your reviews and to filter them by type. Once you post a review they cannot be changed. Also, the seller and you have the option to respond to reviews.

What is Browse with Maps?

You are able to find according to the location of the offer (company) on the maps to simplify the finding process and make it faster.