Inspiration can be found everywhere. Z-Empire is always committed to keep bringing new ways of networking, connecting people and doing business. We take daily normal activities and turn them into new concepts which provides new networking and business opportunities.

This time we are introducing the Business speed dating session. The concept is fairly simple and as its name shows, it will provide business opportunities through speed dating activity.

Participants will be seated around a long table. Turn by turn, they will have to speak about themselves and companies and follow 2 mains topics. First one, is a brief introduction of themselves and business followed but presentation of their strength and what they are looking for. And the second one is about what differentiates them from the rest of the industry and why others should do business with them.

At the end of each speech, any one from the audience who was convinced and has interest in starting a business relationship, will give his business card to the speaker.

Keeping it simple, creative and fast. That is the secret of being the best at Business speed date.