After being introduced during Partners In Excellence 2018, 90 seconds to impress session saw its second iteration taking place in this years edition.

Bigger, Inspiring, Impressive, Diverse… Those were the words used by the attendees to describe the 90 seconds to impress sessions. The concept is simple: each participant or speaker, has to get on stage and deliver a 90 seconds long speech about himself and the company he is representing. Materials such as videos, slideshows or photos can be used in order to make the speech more appealing and creative.

Not less than 30 speakers in total went on stage and delivered high quality inspiring speeches. The audience had the luxury to witness speeches about success stories, upcoming products teasers, new business models, companies’ presentations, new companies launch, etc…

The audience was captivated during the whole sessions and the only short breaks it had, were the introduction of the next speaker by the session’s host.

Lastly, and faithful to its value of loyalty, Z-Empire delivered a closing 90 seconds speech, dedicated to its partners who couldn’t attend to the event due to various reasons unrelated to their own will.

90 Seconds to impress was the pinnacle of the motto: Marketing = Sales. Many speeches were unforgettable, and many companies and speakers became more known as people were mentioning them, there speech or their product.

Was it a success? The answer is a big yes and for the second year in a row. Will we see a third edition of 90 seconds to impress in the next Partners In Excellence event? Absolutely! Many people from the audience signed up already to be speakers next year.